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"Thank you so much for your meal; everyone really enjoyed it and we will definitely recommend your services."

– Theresa and Vance
Vancouver, WA

A Posto Personal Chef Services LLC, based in Newport, Oregon provides onsite private chef and catering services utilizing the large selection of food and wine choices found here on the Oregon Coast. Our culinary resources include a wide assortment of locally-grown produce, farm-raised meats and poultry and fresh-caught sea foods.  Artisanal type products are available at our local specialty stores and farmers’ markets featuring such items as fresh baked breads, berry and fruit preserves, dried fruits and nuts, flowered honeys, cultivated and wild mushrooms, and fine cheeses. The goal of our onsite private chef and catering business is to take these incredible resources and prepare healthy meals for our clientele that are truly satisfying and memorable.  We work with each client to discuss their tastes, budget, and schedule to develop a menu that is customized just for them.

We are best suited for intimate events and smaller gatherings of 2 to 30 people. For larger events that may include the rental of china and silverware, tables/chairs, linens, entertainment or bartending services, we recommend using a full-service caterer. 

We often receive requests for tastings, but since we do not have our own commercial kitchen, we are unable to offer this service.  We can, however, prepare a customized meal for you if you have a kitchen available for us to prepare the food such as your home or a vacation rental.  Flat rates for customized meals for tasting purposes start at $250.00 for two people.

We can prepare food from nearly any cuisine and we are happy to work with local purveyors of wine and spirits to develop beverage pairings to match your menu choices; however, as we are not OLCC licensed, we do not offer bar service.
All food preparation is prepared in a kitchen that is located either in the client’s home, vacation rental, or event location to ensure it is fresh and delicious upon serving.  We do not purchase premade or frozen food items to reheat onsite; all of our food is made from well-tested recipes created by our chefs.

Because we prepare all food fresh onsite, we require ample refrigerator space to store any perishable ingredients. Additionally, the kitchen must be off limits to guests for safety purposes while we are using it.  It is recommended that beverages be placed in coolers for easy access during the event if additional refrigeration is not available.

Please note that we do not service ‘on-the-beach’ catering events or clam bakes. The unpredictable nature of the weather here impacts scheduled events throughout the year, even during the drier summer months, making these types of events too risky.

Rain is always a potential factor in addition to very breezy or foggy conditions occurring on or near the beach. Also, the Oregon Coast experiences cooler temperatures that make being outside for prolonged periods of time uncomfortable for some guests. We recommend finding a location that can handle all of the guests indoors comfortably, no matter the state of the weather conditions outside. In addition, an indoor setting allows for the food items to be maintained at the proper serving temperatures and helps our chefs have better control over all of the food preparation details. 


We believe that we offer high-quality, value-added services that are fairly priced  Our minimum price per person for a 3-4 course, buffet-style meal with a single protein (such as chicken, pork, or some cuts of beef) is $35.00.  Note that plated service pricing starts at $55.00 per person. Please contact us and we will assess your request and provide a detailed proposal with a more accurate estimate for our service.  Any alcohol including wine and beer are to be purchased separately by the client unless previous arrangements are made in advance.  We are not OLCC licensed and do not provide bar service.

We also offers gift certificates in any denomination for any of our onsite private chef and catering services or cooking classes.

 Private Cooking Classes
A Posto Personal Chef Services LLC offers custom Private Cooking Classes designed for people looking to increase their culinary skills within the private setting of their own home or vacation rental. We have developed three formats for your learning preference: demonstration only, hands-on, or a combination (interactive).  Our Private Cooking Classes are ideal for holiday parties, reunions, retreats or weekend getaways with friends. And for businesses, you can use the hands-on cooking class format for corporate team building.

We develop the menu and format of the private class based on your requirements. And you get to enjoy the finished products at the end of the session no matter the format.
You can choose a private class that focuses on specific topics such as pasta making or one based on a broad topic such as seafood preparation. Our chefs can develop a private class on an ethnic cuisine or comfort foods. For those staying in a vacation home, private cooking classes offer a unique entertainment option, especially during seasonal inclement weather.

Private Cooking Classes can be customized to integrate with our Small Dinner Parties Service. With either chef instruction format, we can arrange the menu items to be served in a group dining setting. Guests get to enjoy watching or participating in the food preparation, and we take care of all the other details like the grocery shopping, serving and kitchen clean up. Private Cooking Classes are also a unique way to celebrate a wedding, retirement, birthday, anniversary, or graduation.

Summary Pricing for Private Cooking Classes:
$60.00 to $100.00 per person depending on the number of people, type of private class and ingredients chosen.  A minimum number of 4 people is needed to create a private class, and the maximum number of hands-on participants is limited to 10 people. Demonstration only classes can accommodate as many as the facility will hold safely up to a maximum of 20 people.  This pricing includes the instruction, recipes, ingredients, and the finished products. 

We often receive requests for 2 to 3 person private classes which we are happy to accommodate for a minimum price of $300.00.

For any private cooking classes, we will provide an estimate of our professional chef service fees, plus an estimate of any special grocery expenses. Any alcohol including wine and beer are to be purchased separately by the client unless previous arrangements are made in advance.

Please note:  The selections you see on the sample menu page are by no means all that we cook.  We are well versed in many cuisines and can prepare just about any dish you want.  

"Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater."

– Gail Godwin


Our Private Chef services

"Hi Pati-
Thank YOU!  I so enjoyed taking your class.  You have a very natural way of making people feel comfortable and confident no matter their experience level.  Your passion and enthusiasm create an almost party like atmosphere where learning becomes such fun!  I appreciated the variety of techniques you demonstrated and, of course, the end results were so tasty!  I just finished the last of my goodies for lunch.  I'll look forward to taking another of the classes.  I talked to my mom last night and found out she has a pasta machine.  We're already making plans to try your recipes on my next visit to Colorado."

– Debi
Newport, Oregon

"Anne & I want to thank you for a job well done and exceeding our expectations. First and foremost the menu you planned for our dinner party was outstanding. For us, it's about the seafood on the Oregon Coast and the seafood cannelloni with seafood sauce that you prepared was sublime--our friends are still talking about it. Our interest was piqued when you named your business 'A Posto' meaning 'everything is in place'. True to the name, we did not have a worry all evening as you took care of every detail from the timing of the courses and dinner service to the stealth clean-up. Thanks again for a wonderful evening and we do look forward to using your services for our next occasion."

– Anne & Mike, Otter Rock