"Tomatoes and oregano make it Italian; wine and tarragon make it French.  Sour cream makes it Russian; lemon and cinnamon make it Greek.  Soy sauce makes it Chinese; garlic makes it good."

- Alice May Brock





"Last night we felt like we were having dinner in Italy! The cannelloni was absolutely delicious. Your creativity and attention to detail came through loud and clear. You have definitely taken the best of your culinary schooling and translated it into mouthwatering goodness. It is an added bonus that you choose to use local, organically grown ingredients whenever possible. We're looking forward to more creations from A Posto!"

– Mike and Sandy, Newport





"Hey Pati-Delizioso!  We loved everything and delighted in knowing we had an amazing meal just waiting for us to enjoy each night.  I enjoyed your company in my kitchen.  Brought back some fond memories of my Gramma, especially once I tasted the sauce & braciole!  Thanks again."

– Denise, Newport


A Posto Personal Chef Services LLC of Newport, Oregon offers onsite personal chef and catering services for delicious meals selected by you and made from the incredible bounty of the Oregon Coast like the fresh produce found at our Lincoln County based farmers’ markets or the variety of local seafoods caught right off our coast. Our chefs create custom menus using healthy and whole foods that are seasonal and sustainable.  Whether you are an Oregon Coast resident or a vacation traveler visiting the Pacific Northwest, our onsite personal chef and catering services create delectable dining experiences to be enjoyed by yourself, or celebrated with family or friends, right in the comfort of your own private or vacation home.

Why You Should Hire Us
A Posto Personal Chef Services LLC offers a variety of flexible services designed to deliver top quality and healthy foods right in the comfort of your own home or vacation rental. You choose the type and frequency based on your needs, budget, and schedule.

With our broad food knowledge and culinary background, you have many options to choose from and the flexibility to order food as you like to eat it. You can choose to expand your culinary horizons or stick with what comforts you, your friends and/or family.

Chef Pati holds the appropriate business licenses and liability insurance, is certified in food safety through the nationally recognized ServSafe program, holds a State of Oregon Food Handler’s Card, and is a graduate of the International Culinary Center in New York City. She spent five months in Italy learning the secrets of Italian cuisine and is ready to share them with you. Call us now at 971-506-6695 or email us at to discuss your needs and to schedule an initial appointment.

Where are Our Clients?
A Posto Personal Chef Services provides onsite personal chef and catering services to the following cities in Lane, Lincoln, and Tillamook Counties: Pacific City, Neskowin, Lincoln City, Gleneden Beach, Lincoln Beach, Depoe Bay, Otter Rock, Newport, Siletz, Toledo, South Beach, Seal Rock, Waldport, Yachats, and Florence.

What Does A Posto Mean?
‘A Posto’ is an Italian expression that means ‘everything is in place’. The name was chosen for the business because it symbolizes what we want our clients to experience with our service: to enjoy a delicious healthy meal made with fresh, seasonal ingredients without the worry of meal planning, shopping, cooking, or cleaning up afterwards—a posto!

Why Use an Onsite Personal Chef?
A Personal Chef can help give you back time: the average household spends 13-15 hours a week planning meals, shopping, cooking, and cleaning up afterwards.
A Personal Chef will only purchase the groceries needed for the delicious meals to be prepared thus eliminating impulse buying and saving you money.
A Personal Chef will help reduce food waste. The average household throws away 15% of food purchased each month due to age or spoilage.
A Personal Chef customizes the menus based on your needs such as: portion control, low salt, low fat, low sugar, low carbs, vegetarian, low cholesterol, or just the desire to eat more whole foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. A Personal Chef can also consult with a physician for special dietary requirements that coincide with any medical treatment.
A Personal Chef can help you become better in your own kitchen. You may be interested in learning how to prepare that favorite ethnic dish, or fresh pasta, or a specific cooking technique. Perhaps you would like to optimize your pantry or kitchen, or learn to shop more effectively? You can choose to do this in a one-on-one or group setting; your friends might want to learn too!
When deciding if you can afford the expense of a Personal Chef, it helps to look at your monthly food budget to see how the cost of a chef compares to your typical spending. Be sure to take into account take-out food, pizza, and other sit-down restaurant meals as well. You will find when you add it all together that hiring an expert to come into your home costs the same or less than you are currently spending. And remember all the benefits that come with our onsite personal chef and catering services: customized menus, meal planning, shopping, preparation, cooking, packaging, and cleaning up. You control what you eat when you engage a Personal Chef!

What You Can Expect from a Personal Chef
You can expect an assessment interview to determine what and how you like to eat, whether or not you have allergies, sensitivities, dislike certain foods, or have special requirements that coincide with medical treatments. An estimate of the cost of the service is provided at this time and a deposit is collected from you.
You can expect a Personal Chef to customize your services and/or menus based on the information gathered in the assessment.
You can expect a Personal Chef to shop for all the ingredients needed for the meals on the agreed upon cook date.
You can expect a Personal Chef to prepare the meals in your kitchen, using your appliances and equipment, and working as efficiently as possible to stay within the estimated timeframe provided to you during the assessment interview.
You can expect a Personal Chef to be professional and courteous and to keep your needs, budget, and schedule in mind.  You can expect to find your kitchen in the same condition as you left it.
You can expect to enjoy delicious food that has been prepared just for you.

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